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Putting our brains together so that we can forge a head!

Welcome to our celebration of the films of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy. Like many of you, we have loved Laurel and Hardy since childhood. We are, and always will be Laurel and Hardy superfans!  During their careers together, Laurel and Hardy created a remarkable body of work. These films never fail to make us laugh and help us to forget life’s troubles. Fans of the boys don’t simply like Laurel and Hardy, we LOVE them!


But, as the years have gone by, we have seen Stan and Ollie appearing less and less on television and in print, and our concern over the future of their legacy has weighed heavily on us. Therefore, not content to sit idly by and watch our heroes be forgotten, we decided to do something about it.


Under our new banner, Twice Two Media Limited, our sole purpose is to keep Stan and Babe’s work in the public eye as much as possible. Utilising high-quality, eye-catching visuals and top-quality content, including contributions from the world’s leading experts in the world of Laurel & Hardy, our heartfelt and genuine aim is to pay the level of tribute to the boys and their careers they deserve. 


Stan and Babe have given us all so much throughout our lives, and we will strive to repay them by honouring them in this way.  The magazines, podcasts and books featured on this website are just the beginning. These are exciting times for fans of Stan and Ollie.

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